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Women in History: April 25th

Events 1985 - The young American peace activist, Samantha Smith, is invited to the Soviet Union by CPSU General Secretary, Yuri Andropov, after she wrote him a letter voicing her concerns about nuclear war. 1990 - Violeta Chamorro becomes the first-ever President of Nicaragua. Born on this day in... 1917 - Ella Fitzgerald (d. 1996),… Continue reading Women in History: April 25th

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Today in History: The Coronation of Henry V

Henry V was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey on 9th April in the year of our Lord 1413. There was a great snowstorm on the day of his coronation and many wondered if this was an ill omen or a good one. Henry was the second King of the House of Lancaster, preceded… Continue reading Today in History: The Coronation of Henry V