Book Review Format

birth_m1Here at The Merry Wife of Windsor, you will find book reviews that examine a Historical Fiction or Classic work through the lens of the time in which it takes place. I seek to study the historical and cultural aspects in addition to the setting of a given time. In order to do that, I employ two concepts: New Historicism and Cultural Relativism. What are they?

According to Merriam-Webster:

New Historicism: A method of literary criticism that emphasizes the historicity of a text by relating it to the configurations of power, society, or ideology in a given time.

According to Oxford Reference:

Cultural Relativism: The position that there is no universal standard to measure cultures by, and that all cultures are equally valid and must be understood in their own terms.

1071px-Lancashire_rose.svgWhat can you expect in a book review?

  1. Book Particulars: Title, publishing house, year published, ISBN/ASIN, etc.
  2. Book Summary: As provided on the book flap or back cover.
  3. Book Review: In my own words, discussing the merits,etc.
  4. Rating: Between 1 to 5 Lancastrian Roses.
  5. Setting: A brief explanation about the historical period and place (as well as cultural aspects as they arise).
  6. Interesting Quotes: Any thought-provoking quotes.
  7. Important Questions: After a thorough analysis.

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