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Andrea Cefalo’s “The Fairytale Keeper”

Title: The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen

Author: Andrea Cefalo

Publisher: Scarlet Primrose Press

Copyright: May 26, 2012


Format: E-Book, 262 Pages, $11.99 [Amazon Paperback], $2.99 [Kindle], $2.99 [Nook]


Anonymous, nameless, Adelaide Schumacher should have been lost to history. Medieval girls don’t make legends. If they’re lucky to live long enough, they make babies.

But Adelaide’s life is anything but average. How else could the daughter of a shoemaker and a storyteller end up immortalized as the real Snow White?

The Fairytale Keeper, first in a series of fairy tale adaptations, was a quarter-finalist in Amazon’s 2013 Breakthrough Novel Contest and an Indie Book of the Day that Publisher’s Weekly calls a “resonant tale set late in the 13th century… with unexpected plot twists. An engaging story of revenge and redemption.”

In her debut novel, Cefalo breathes life into Grimm’s most famous characters, especially into strong female protagonist, Adelaide. The Fairytale Keeper weaves historical events and fairy tales into a story of corruption and vengeance that will leave readers wondering where fact ends and fiction begins.


Andrea Cefalo’s The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen was a refreshing and fascinatingly medieval take on a classic fairy tale. This book started off at a fast pace but I feel that it did drag at certain parts. Regardless of the pace of the story, the author wrote so beautifully and in such a descriptive way that I felt that I was there in the 13th century.

In the protagonist, Adelaide (called “Snow White”), we find a strong heroine who has suffered great loss in the death of her mother and overcomes great obstacles. The plot was fairly steady and it kept me hooked from page one. While this was somewhat of a dark and twisted story, reminiscent of the infamous Grimm’s fairy tales, I was completely enchanted from beginning to end. This was my first time reading Andrea Cefalo and it was a very enjoyable read.


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