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Women in History: April 24th



1558 – Mary, Queen of Scots married François, the Dauphin of France at Notre Dame in Paris.

1885 – Annie Oakley, the infamous American sharpshooter joins Buffalo Bill’s Wild West.

Born on this day in…

1492 – Sabina of Bavaria-Munich (d. 1564) was the Duchess of Bavaria and wife to Ulrich, Duke of Württemberg. The daughter of Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria and Kunigunde of Austria, she was the granddaughter of Frederick III, the Holy Roman Emperor. Her marriage to Ulrich, arranged by her uncle King Maximilian I, proved to be an unhappy union due to his violence and it caused her to escape with their two children to Munich. Her two children were Christoph, Duke of Württemberg and Anna. In her later years, she led a small court which served as a meeting place for Württemberg Protestants.

Died on this day in…

1288 – Gertrude of Austria (b. 1226) was a member of the house of Babenberg as well as Duchess of Mödling, Austria, and Styria. She was the daughter of Henry of Austria, Duke of Mödling and Agnes, daughter of Hermann I, Landgrave of Thuringia. When her father died, she laid claim to Babenberg by right of the Privilegium Minus (which allowed for Austria to be inherited by females) but her uncle, Frederick II of Austria was preferred. She was married to Vladislaus III, Margrave of Moravia; Herman VI, Margrave of Baden; and Roman Danylovich, Prince of Halicz. Her children were Frederick and Agnes by her second marriage, and Maria by her third marriage. Gertrude lived a life fraught with political intrigue, danger, and rivalry with her relatives. When her land was stolen by others, she spent the rest of her life as an Abbess of the Poor Clare convent in Saint Afra in Meissen. It was at the convent that she died.


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