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Susan Meissner’s “A Bridge Across the Ocean”

Dramatis Personae:

Brette Caslake: An American woman with the gift to see spirits. She is married to Keith.

Annaliese Lange: A German ballerina who seeks to escape an abusive and loveless marriage. She is married to Rolf.

Simone Deveraux: A French woman who wants to free France and who helps an American lieutenant hiding in France.

Keith Caslake: The husband of Brette who is supportive.

Rolf Kurtz: A high-ranking Nazi official who is infatuated with Annaliese. He is married to Annaliese.

Everett Robinson: An American lieutenant who is hiding out in France during World War II.

Join me next time as dive into Anna LeBaron’s The Polygamist’s Daughter!

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