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Tracie Peterson’s “Treasured Grace”

Dramatis Personae:

Grace Flanagan Martindale: Protagonist, widow of the late Right Reverend Martindale; Protectress of her two sisters, Hope and Mercy.

Alexander Armistead: A French-American fur trapper who lives amongst the Native Americans and he has strong feelings for Grace.

Gabriel Larquette: The good friend of Alexander who was once married to two Native American women.

Hope Flanagan: The middle Flanagan sister who has a zest for life.

Mercy Flanagan: The youngest Flanagan sister.

Dr. Marcus Whitman: The arrogant doctor who runs the Whitman Mission alongside his wife, Narcissa. The Cayuse are not too enthused with him.

Telokite: A Cayuse Native American who views the Caucasian settlers as enemies. He believes that Dr. Whitman is purposely harming his people.

Mrs. Narcissa Whitman: The wife of Dr. Whitman who runs the Whitman Mission alongside him.

Join me next week as I tackle Susan Meissner’s A Bridge Cross the Ocean!

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