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Woman of the Week: Rose Livingston

For the Week of 2nd April through 8th April: Rose Livingston is a woman so little known in the 21st century. In her time, she was a suffragist and advocate who strove to free prostitutes and other victims from the shackles of sexual slavery. She was known by the sobriquet of the Angel of Chinatown. A woman… Continue reading Woman of the Week: Rose Livingston

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Women in History: April 6th

Events 1327 - Italian Petrarch first sees Laura de Noves, the woman who he immortalized in poetry, in mass at the Church of Saint Claire d'Avignon. Although not much is known to her, she was the wife of Count Hugues de Sade (the ancestor of the infamous Marquis de Sade) and she was said to be… Continue reading Women in History: April 6th