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Women in History: April 3rd

PzX4D1492653850Born on this day in…

1791 – Anne Lister (d. 1840) was a wealthy English Yorkshire-based land-owner, traveller, and diarist who lived something of a controversial life. Living at Shibden Hall, she wrote extensively about financial concerns and the homosexual relationships she engaged in. Ms. Lister was known to utilize a code that wasn’t fully decoded until the 1980’s.

1807 – Mary Carpenter (d. 1877) was an English social and educational reformer. Active in the Anti-Slavery movement, she also supported female education and women’s suffrage. As the daughter of a Unitarian Minister, Ms. Carpenter established ragged schools and reformatories which sought to educate less fortunate children and young offenders. An industrious woman, she wrote numerous articles and papers, one of which was published by the Statistical Society of London. She was the first woman given this honor.

1876 – Margaret Anglin (d. 1958) was a Canadian-born Broadway director, producer, and actress. She was considered one of the greatest actresses of her time, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Ms. Anglin was something of a protégée of the infamous and world-famous Sarah Bernhardt which helped to cement her stardom. She was known for her roles in Ancient Greek tragedies and Shakespearean plays.

Died on this day in…

1902 – Esther Hobart Morris (b. 1814) was an American woman and the first Justice of the Peace. Ms. Morris entered into her role on February 14, 1870 when the original Justice of the Peace quit in protest against the Women’s Suffrage amendment in the preceding year. She served in her post for less than nine months.

1930 – Emma Albani (b. 1847) was a foremost opera soprano and the first Canadian singer to receive international acclaim. Her song repertoire included: Wagner, Rossini, Mozart, Donizetti, and Bellini. Ms. Albani received the gold medal of the Royal Philharmonic Society in 1897. The gold medal was known as the Beethoven Medal.

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