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Women in History: March 19th


Born on this day in…

1823 – Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria (d. 1914) and wife of Francis V, Duke of Modena was born. There isn’t much known about Princess Adelgunde. The Duke and Duchess of Modena had one daughter, Princess Anna Beatrice Theresia Maria , whom died young. A pearl brooch once owned by Princess Adelgunda was sold at Sotheby’s in 2012.

1844 – Minna Canth (d. 1897) Finnish authoress and activist. She wrote extensively about women’s rights, highlighting the nature of culture that is particularly inhospitable towards a woman’s aspirations. Her best known work is the play A Pastor’s Family.

1872 – Anna Held (d. 1918) was a Polish-born French stage performer and signer who is known to have performed on Broadway. Ms. Held is known for her relationship with Florenz Ziegfeld, the man known as “the glorifier of the American girl.” She was said to have a vivacious and animated personality which many found attractive.

1881 – Edith Nourse Rogers (d. 1960) was an American social welfare volunteer and politician as well as the first woman to be elected to the United States Congress. Ms. Rogers was an active advocate for veterans, ensuring that they received educational and financial benefits.

Died on this day in…

1612 – Sophia Olelkovich Radziwill (b. 1585) an Eastern Orthodox saint. Canonized in 1983, she was someone who supported monasteries, churches, and clergymen financially. When she had desired to marry Janusz Radziwill, there was talk of her converting to the Roman Catholic faith but she refused. She was also adamant that her fellow Belarusians not be forced to convert and that they may keep their Orthodox faith.

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