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Writing Prompt – Hope Not, Sir Knight


“Have I any hope,” said he, my husband’s devoted knight,

Eyes wide, I cried, “In faith, foolish man, you ask for a fight!”

“A fight? I only seek thy love my lady, to adore thee forevermore,”

“I think it wise,” said I, “That you choose another lady to adore!”

The knight stared at me, eyes wide and mouth agape,

Behind him was the sprawling late summer landscape,

The bright sun’s unforgiving rays beating down on peasants’ backs,

A meager breeze caressing tree branches and golden haystacks,

“Dearest lady,” said he, “I make a pledge to thee…”

“Say not another word!” cried I, fearfully,

“Vain knight, make not a promise, a vow, or a pledge…”

“If you continue in this way…you shall face a sword’s edge…”

“Fie!” cried he, “Dear, dear lady, look with love upon me.”

“Are you mad?” shrieked I, “Have you no virtue or integrity?”

“Beware my husband, sir knight. He has killed men for less.”

“Hope not. You offend me, sir and you certainly transgress…”

A smile lingered upon his lips, “As long as I am able, I shall hope…”

“Lovely lady, I shall think of thee endlessly and without thee, mope.”

Shaking my head, I regarded the knight, “Then you shall hope in vain…”

“And in the end, it shall result only in your sadness and pain.”

This is my response to today’s word prompt, which you can find here: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/hope/


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