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Daily Prompt – A Love That is Lost

Beauty-Spring-Purple-Flowers-in-Snow-1500x999I knew that my lover loved me like early spring flowers loved Winter’s grip,

The day he walked out the door was the end of a tumultuous partnership,

Adoration was transmuted into abject indifference, a nagging boredom,

With tears misting my eyes, I begged him to stay, I implored him,

Abandoned, thrown to the starving wolves, I am thus alone,

Haunted mercilessly by my past, I quietly bemoan,

Now, I reflect upon the good times, upon summery evenings under starry skies,

Wrapped in each other’s arms, I thought we had true love and all that implies,

I can vividly remember the light, feathery kisses and the glint in his eye,

The fire in his heart, he promised that it would never die,

His words were little nothings, sugar-coated lies in my ears,

All the time they were there but I only denied my glaring fears,

At this moment, I stand on the verge of a new dawn,

While my lover has left, life has to progress, to go on.

Why think back on times that are lost to me,

When I can have gratitude and simply be free,

I cast off the fetters and take back my power,

Too long I lived in his shadows, this is my hour,

His leaving was a great source of melancholy,

But what I didn’t realize that it led to my victory.

The best part is that I found…ME!

This poem was a response to the Daily Prompt which you can find here: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/abandoned/


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