13th Century Wales: Sarah Woodbury’s “Daughter of Time”

The story starts out in 1996 when Meg Lloyd, a single mother and widow learns that her abusive husband has died in a car crash. With horror, she mentally recounts the haunting scenes where she faced abuse at the hands of her cruel and unruly husband.

A Queen Discarded: Alison Weir’s “Katherine of Aragon”

Catalina de Aragon is a fresh-faced, bright-eyed Spanish beauty who comes to the strange land of England to wed Arthur, Prince of Wales. The demure Spanish princess who thereafter is referred to as Katherine (in the English style) arrives in her new country amid great pomp and revelry.

Heavy Burdens: Sarah Price’s “An Empty Cup”

Rosanna Zook is a survivor. For years she has been married to a horrid and abusive husband, Timothy Zook. It seems like Rosanna cannot do anything right and, to make matters worse, Timothy is indolent and he is far from being what a proper Amish man is expected to be.

From the Outside In: Maryam Tabibzadeh’s “Persian Dreams”

Persian Dreams recounts three generations of a family living during the twentieth century and provides insight into the political issues of the day. All around Talah and her family, Iran undergoes a transformation. The world that Talah grew up in is a different world than the one that her granddaughter Nosha grew up in.